Stone Slabs

kitchen with slab countertop

Stone slabs present the look of classic elegance within any home or office. These powerful and vibrant design elements are used in a wide variety of home decor including kitchen countertops, vanities, patio tables, wet bars, desks, and fireplace mantles. Exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, slabs come in a wide array of colors and styles depending upon the type of stone selected.

Purchasing stone slab for your home or office can be a daunting task. While some stones are very uniform in appearance, some have a great range of variation. Make sure you note the characteristics you like so your countertops will reflect the attributes you chose.

Stone slabs are porous materials. They do require a level of maintenance to retain their natural beauty including sealers and cleaners.

At America's Tile-Stone & Design, we work with a number of suppliers and fabricators in the area and we can assist you in the selection process. We're happy to discuss you're design needs and refer you to a supplier that best meets your requirements. Give us a call today.